Wednesday, September 07, 2005


A year, maybe more, seemed to have passed between Thursday, September 1 and Monday, September 5.

My husband Ken’s new role as administrative minister at the White Station Church of Christ in Memphis put us in the middle of starting a congregational response to the Katrina. Once a team of folks got together and identified some needs, they decided to open a shelter on Friday night. So, dozens of brothers and sisters, all committed and competent folks, have been praying, planning, praying, scheduling, crying, recruiting, purchasing, donating, folding, organizing, crying and praying.

Sunday afternoon members of the Osbey family of New Orleans, including four sisters, one finace, and twelve children came to stay at the shelter. They told us that their first cousin Cherlyn Nettles left New Orleans with three children when the evacuation order came and went to Baton Rouge to stay with a relative. Her husband Terrell stayed behind with their 10 year-old child who had a handicap. When the flood waters came Terrell tried to keep the child elevated, but his ankle broke and he lost the child to the floodwaters. He was rescued and taken to a shelter in Arkansas.

Sunday evening, the Osbey sisters got word that the couple had found each other. Monday they received confirmation that the child’s body had been identified. Terrell is taking a bus this week to Louisiana to make arrangements for the child, and Cherlyn, Terrell, and their surviving children may come to the shelter on Quince Road in Memphis.

I told them that my friends at church and other places around would pray for them every day this week as they go through this ordeal. We are saving a place for them so they can stay with their cousins if that works out for them.

So, please write down their names: Cherlyn and Terrell Nettles and call them aloud to our Father. Please pray for their cousins, the Osbey sisters. Pray the Osbey children as they start school.

God have mercy on all the survivors.
May God have mercy on us all.

By the way, this makes the stress of selling our house in Atlanta and purchasing one here seem--how shall I say it?