Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Outraising and outthinking

A couple of campaign questions

I realize that she is making the argument that in spite of being outspent, she has racked up many votes in states where she has campaigned relentlessly. What I am curious about is why does Hillary Clinton perpetually sound like she accusing Barack Obama of outspending them? Didn’t he raise the money from an amazing broad base of donors? She never says, my opponent has outspent me because he has outraised me.

Today’s New York Post ran an accusatory article, “Obama to A'jad: Atomic Assist; Stiffs UN in Nuke Negotiations.”

"Talking without preconditions" would require America to ignore three unanimous Security Council resolutions. Before starting his unconditional talks, would Obama present a new resolution at the Security Council to cancel the three that Ahmadinejad doesn't like? Or would the new US president act in defiance of the United Nations - further weakening the Security Council's authority?”

My question is, would this same writer have been a supporter of Bush’s invasion of Iraq? Since when did the supporters of the invasion become so concerned about the authority of the UN? Isn’t talking in the face of UN Security Council resistance a bit better than invading a country in a preemptive strike without direct talks?