Saturday, September 02, 2006


After a summer traveling from to Tallequah, Atlanta, Abilene, back to Memphis and then to Boston; after adventures in Cherokee geneology, preparation to teach AP United States, loving listening Trevor's music at ACU, an indepth look at the Holocaust with Facing History and Ourselves, and an apartment hunting trip with Chris and Lauren in advance of his studies at Harvard, I am back teaching at Harding Academy.

No government textbooks arrived so I delved into a more detailed unit on the Middle East than usual using materials from the Southern Center for International Studies.

Since August 1, Ken and I have examined books picked up from a lecture by a Messianic Jew, dined with a Christian medical ethicist recently returned from Israel having observed medical services for Palestinians, dined with Muslim Palestinians from Jordan, watched the news, and read periodicals.

Today I pray with more heart than ever the Lord's prayer:

Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done
On earth as it is heaven.

walking paths
thinking a journey
trudging through words
chopping back rhetoric

desperate to discover
passionate to purvey
hope for justice
a vision for peace
a path to shalom

in a world bent on violence
in the name of God