Sunday, July 11, 2004

Band Parents-"Kendred" spirits

Riffs, breakdowns, CDs $5.00 for 5 songs. Black hair, blue hair, $7.00 for 5 bands.
We are band parents, but not the regular kind.

Many East Cobb and North Fulton parents support their children's bands, but usually they are large marching bands with semi-trailer trucks carrying brass, wind, and percussion. These bands perform on football fields at half-time and in parades at Thanksgiving. Band parents I know spend countless hours raising funds--working concessions, organizing grapefruit sales, distributing chocolate bars. A myriad of projects advance their offsprings' musical passion. Marching bands command committment and achieve accolades.

We are band parents, but for an indie rock band. Indie rock kids perform in venues created from empty strip mall storefronts, community centers, church youth centers, and old factories converted into clubs. One time our son Trevor's band played on a trailer of a semi parked in the back of a church youth center. Indie rock band parents I know haul merchandise "merch" to shows--t-shirts, CDs, stickers, patches, and buttons. They bring lamps to set up in the back of dark rooms so kids can find a dollar for 2 buttons and patch with the bands name on it. Indie rock bands demand commitment and achieve accolades.

My son, Trevor Taylor Dowdy, played with Two Week Notice during his four years of high school. During that time, we went to every show that we could, experiencing a dimension of life we consider priceless. Frankly, indie rock kids can look anywhere from simply thrift store to--well, to the uninitiated band parent, downright frightening. For all of the ferocious dress, among the indie rock kids we persistently find gentle, intelligent, and thoughtful young artists. Many express profound faith in Christ and spend their lives serving Him.

Trevor, delights us with the love for Jesus he holds in his heart. He inspires us with his determination to create and innovate musically. He honors us by sharing the songs he writes day by day. Trevor warms our hearts with his love for his friends. Trevor pleases us with his perceptions about human nature and character. Trevor calms us with his careful driving and firm decision to avoid alcohol and other drugs. He encourages us by making us welcome with a hugs and introductions when we show up at his indie rock shows.

We treasure our time spent with Two Week Notice--Loryn Snell, Hudson and Abigal Philips, Andy Lee, and their kind and dedicated indie rock band parents. We miss seeing them at shows, maybe in somewhat the same way regular band parents miss the excitement of half-time shows and competitions. We remain grateful that Two Week Notice was not so independent that they wouldn't let us have a once in lifetime shot at being band parents.

Last night we went to hear Parksideview, a rocking indie band from Peachtree City that Trevor joined this spring. Ken and I renewed our acquaintance with Jen, a friend we met through Two Week Notice, and met a few new kids. We met Daniel Davidson of Norma Jean who touched us with his gentle spirit. While a young band waled out electronic experiments in the background we shared his enthusiasm for what he saw on his European tour and for old photos. Best of all, we observed his commitment to living and making music to honor Jesus. As parents, we felt a certain peace knowing our son meets guys like this in his indie rock world. So a little shout out to Daniel. Thanks for being open to us.

Tommorow Trevor and Parksideview--Jeff and Jake Turner, and Bobby Kyser pack up the merch box and go on tour sans parents. I am grateful for the Turners and Kysers and grateful for their kids. Quirky band parent facts: Two Week Notice dads were all ministers. Two of them are named Ken. Parksideview dads are all named Ken! Join us as we pray for their tour to bring glory to God, to provide great entertainment, and to be SAFE. We have to include the SAFE part, because We are PARENTS--the regular kind.


Kelley Deane McKinney said...

Oh, I love band parents though! Mrs. Dowdy, I utterly enjoyed reading not only about twoweeknotice (I went bowling with a member two nights ago), but also Kristof. Its so nice to be able to find entertaining and impressive writting on two topics such as these. (I feel like I'm giving you two lines for your book jacket.) Nevertheless, I have been watching not only the first season of West Wing on DVD, but also the Second Season, and I couldn't help but think of you. I, as a member of the Xanga community, wish to give you e-props. Is it wrong for me to look forward to school more and more?

Beverly Choate Dowdy said...

No more shame! Admit you like NPR! Admit you love have watched C-Span. Look forward to school.
Mrs. D

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping you still check this right now. But I fell in love with Two Week Notice a year or so ago and downloaded a few songs like "Remember the Memories" but I'm going insane trying to find them again especially since their website isn't working anymore. Did they break up? I greatly hope not. If you know anything on their status or a website I could go to it would be greatly appreciated.


Beverly Choate Dowdy said...

Two Week Notice has not done anything together for a long time. Loryn Snell is on to a new project: kitefighting
Trevor's current project is "I married my high school sweetheart"

I don't know what Andy (drummer is up to right now)
Hudson is married to Abigal and they are the parents of Julian, so you might say he's into quite an artistic project right now.

I miss Two Week Notice.

Anonymous said...

andy is playing drums for a band in atlanta called Cartel ( they are signed to The Militia Group along with Copeland. my band, Firefly Summer ( played with 2 week notice in Myrtle Beach, SC a while back.