Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Friends are friends for ?

from New York Times Wednesday, October 5 Posted by Hello
Taken at the Senate Prayer Breakfast 2001. Those were the good old days.


Bev Blair said...

No WMD, over 1,000 dead, the economy in the pits, lies, lies and more lies....I don't get it.

Matt Elliott said...

This picture can't be true. Cheney said he'd never met him. This PICTURE must be wrong. Wrong, I tells ya.

Steve said...

Do I know you, Matt? Bev? Have we ever met?

The last two days have revealed some harsh truths about the sitting administration and its policies. Maybe the American people will take notice.

Oh, one more thing: We've all heard news spun hard by the biased, conniving, liberal media (giggles, snickers). If anyone wants a good laugh about how news can be spun the other way, turn your radio dials to your local American Family Radio (K-Love Christian Radio in most places) for the news briefs at 10 to the hour. All I can say is "wow."

BradOnTheLaw said...

I think it is quite funny looking at the two of them together not to long ago yet I seem to recall Mr. Cheney saying he had not met Senator Edwards... Goes to show the propaganda and lies on both sides of our two party system.