Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My Open Blog to Sean Hannity

My Christian friends like you so much; I thought I should listen to your show. So, I tuned in one day recently and heard you interview Anne Coulter. You discussed her new book, How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must). As you and Coulter bantered back and forth, I heard what earned her the review from the Washington Post Book World, as “a fluent polemicist with a gift for Menckenesque invective”. You laughed heartily at her comments and expressed admiration for her writing because it does, after all, have substance. You both poked fun that USA Today gutlessly decided not to print portions of her substantive spew. As I went to Amazon.com to find the book, a chapter title from her book clinched my understanding of Anne Coulter. In reference to Muslim extremist terrorists: “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity”.

I now understand my Christian friends’ enthusiasm for your work. You are pro-life.

Not long after the segment in which you displayed such deep admiration for Anne Coulter, you interviewed someone from Haiti. Afterwards a good friend of mine told me that you asserted that poverty is a choice, you HATE HAITI, and you wouldn't have your dog's ashes tossed over that country. Perhaps she did not hear you correctly.

You see, I am looking to understand my Christian friends’ enthusiasm for your work. If what she said was true, then I see. It's because you are pro-life.

My Christian friends like you so much, I thought, I should check out your book. That's where I learned that Jimmy Carter=Neville Chamberlain. What a senseless, spineless, mindless, unprincipled man! He believes in pursuing peace. Can't we see the parallel to appeasing Hitler with the razing of settlements on the Sinai Peninsula and a treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel that has lasted for over 20 years? Silly of that Anwar Sadat to fall for the peace idea. What a cheap solution.

And back to Carter, what kind of man would refuse to negotiate with terrorists, would threaten the Iranian revolutionary government with the full force of the US military if one US hostage was killed, and then wait a year for a peaceful solution? What a disgraceful moment for our country when all of those hostages came home alive and we did not even have a good war to show for it. At least Carter's successor had the guts to negotiate arms for hostages.

I now understand my Christian friends’ enthusiasm for your work. You are pro-life.

Now before my Christian-friend fans of yours write to help me understand more reasons why you inspire them as a Christian, let me pre-empt a possible problem they may see in my understanding. They may need to explain to me that the left-wing liberal media, the left wing comedians, and the left-wing politicians can be mean-spirited and contemptuous too. And besides, don't I understand that there are people out there who want to kill us? But you see, I do understand. Don’t mistake my preference for peace to mean that we cannot engage in just war. It’s just that I do not presume that only the stupid, weak, and senseless see just war much differently than a Crusades redux.

From listening to your rhetoric I now understand: loving your political enemies, expressing kindness towards the poor, and making peace are such insipid secular stands, and you are pro-life.


JAW said...

Keep this post up. I want to email this to some friends. :)

Travis said...

Wow. Great stuff. I'm going to "blog this" over at my place. Last year I was given a pre-ordered, first edition, autographed copy of Hannity's book Deliver us From Evil. I tried to read it--I really did. I got through the first chapter, but had to put it away. I was so disturbed by his misuse of the Christian tradition to promote a doctrine of hate. But hey, at least he's pro-life, right?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, very well said. http://www.livejournal.com/users/pecosbill/

Mike said...

Matt Elliott sent me here to read this. I owe you, Matt! Great, insightful piece. Thanks!

Bev Blair said...

Why do conservatives want to convert Muslims but not Israelis to Christianity?

Anne-Geri' said...

I am Bev's Christian friend. BUT (and she would probably guess this) I have little respect for Sean OR Anne. SO, in place of their bantering, some of you might want some non-political-analyst-uptight-we-really-don't-get-it-but-we're-trying-to-make-you-think-we-do inspiration, go to Matt Elliott's blog for Novemeber 4 (Thought #5).

And thanks, Bev.

davidhwhite said...

Bev - Enjoyed your comment. Maybe I should bathe but I must admit to enjoying both Sean and Ann. I read one of Ann's book and enjoyed it. I think you should remember that both Sean and Ann are trying to make a living. That is, their goal is to sell books and attract an audience (which allows for the sell of advertising). Also, it's possible that their efforts of persuasion sometimes employ sarcasm. As you might expect, I'm more likely to agree w/ Sean and Ann on substantive issues than you do. For instance, Jimmy Carter. I was a young child when he was President. However, I recall those days as dark days for our country. There was no optimism. Our economy was in the tank. Our military seemed to lack a certain swagger. I think his was a failed presidency. I think he was (and may still be) a good man. I am troubled by his (my perception) habit of breaking w/ the tradition of former Presidents. I think his legacy and the institution would be well served if he'd simply keep his mouth shut when it comes to substantive policy issues and decision of any President. In my opinion, the times he has opined, he has not made a lick of sense.

Just my two cents worth.

Beverly Choate Dowdy said...

David White,
Thanks for your two cents worth. I’ll respond.

I don’t begrudge Sean and Ann the big bucks for their entrepreneurial substantive spew. I just don’t sense their ambassadorship for Christ.

On Carter’s commentary regarding the current administration. It’s most likely you haven’t heard much criticism of sitting presidents by those out of office because for the most part, in your lifetime, we have had Republican presidents.

It does disturbs me to hear a fairly persistent implication that dissent is somehow unpatriotic.

Your slightly blue sister in Christ,