Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Doughnuts >Dioxin

The President may regret the doughnuts.

Some of you may regret the President.

But all of us regret Yushchenko's diet of dioxin.

Sad things, frustrating things happen here. But we have to marvel that George W. Bush of the United States joined the ranks of 43 presidencies ascending to power sans violence. Even Election 2000, annoying, disconcerting, and somewhat disillusioning for some, doesn't touch the Ukraine's sad tale of dioxin.


Anonymous said...

[I am posting anonymously because I don't remember my account name!! It's me, Ken - your loving hubby!! Here's the message.]

Sad indeed. For a country with the posture of a hopeful future to be placed on crutches due to such an old-fashion act of “thugary” is shameful and disappointing at best.

We are truly blessed. While one of the youngest nations in the world we are governed by one of the oldest forms of government. I believe the backbone of its’ strength has been the basic two party system. I pray the day will once again dawn when men and women sit together resolute in their determination to seek first to understand and then be understood through language and tones of civility and respect while addressing matters of our national interest - matters over which disagreement will surly run deep.

If we do not pay close attention to those characteristics responsible for our greatness, we risk the outcomes of the fruitful acts of thugs right here at “home”. Indeed, the tone of current debuts between parties both on a national level and especially on a personal level, (between coworkers, neighbors, family members, etc…), leaves a bitter taste. I will always find someone who will disagree with me on politics. At all cost I must exercise discipline to be a gentleman about it.

It becomes even more paramount if we are going to be in a position to try and exercise influence over any other country in the world.


Anonymous said...

Ken again - just had to correct a typo - at least the only one I saw! I realized after posting, (of course), the spelling is indeed "debate" not debut!