Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Where do we begin but on our knees?

Someone I am getting know, LaDonna Greiner, Executive Director, Georgia & Alabama World Vision, Inc. shared this with me today from World Vision's prayer mobilization coordinator.


Please continue to pray:

- For God's mercy and favor on this region, as the situation is
overwhelming and chaotic. Ask that His Spirit would be present amidst the
devastation and that His hand would be on every aspect of the relief

- For survivors who are struggling to live, who are injured or diseased,
that they would not become another figure in the death toll.

- For guidance for leaders of the relief effort who are making key
decisions, that no time would be wasted and that efforts would be
maximized. The next couple days are crucial. Ask for good coordination
between governments, relief organizations, and other groups.

- At this stage of relief, providing basics for the surivors is key.
Please pray for the effective provision of food, medicine, shelter, and
sanitation. Clean water is especially needed as contaminated water can
carry more than 50 diseases. There is fear of an epidemic breakout - pray
that this would not occur.

- Ask that money and other resources would be provided quickly and
generously. It is estimated that aid may ultimately cost billions of
dollars. Pray that donors would continue giving even after the initial
phase of relief.

- Pray for peace and comfort for the children have been orphaned, and for
all who are in a state of emotional shock. In a matter of a few hours,
they have lost loved ones and everything they own. Pray also for wisdom
and encouragement for relief workers, that they would be protected and that
their work would effective.

- Ask that in this time of darkness and despair, many will find true hope
in Jesus, and that the Church would be an effective instrument in bringing
His compassion to the victims of this disaster.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Dowdy,
I got it. Steven Curtis Chapman. The best Christian singer ever could do the show. He is a part of the World Vision program ever since 1997. It's a long shot, but he is amazing and would draw the largest crowd I'm guessing. It may not be all students, but parents love this guy too! Atleast consider it. Jars of Clay and Audio Adrenaline are big named bands under World Vision too. Just wanted to share that with you.