Friday, February 25, 2005

Czeching on Unity

“I believe deeply that Christians must seriously be concerned about everything that threatens the lives of people created in the image of God. Abortion is important; war and economic justice are also important. “
Jim Wallis

"An open letter to Chuck Colson"

A recent BreakPoint commentary by Chuck Colson criticized the message of Jim Wallis of Sojourners. Check out Colson’s assertions and read Jim Wallis's Open Letter to Chuck Colson. This conversation goes to heart of a Christian dialogue about politics in America. This is a time to join Jesus in his prayer for the unity of believers.

We live in the privilege of this unity, but have a ways to go to fully realize it. One reason we need to realize it lies in the big picture. We have a story beyond politics. We want that Story to reflect the essence of the message of Christ to world. We want to become one with the image of God. To that end, we must continue to examine, to search, to find, and to express this reality. This Story is a story of love, grace, and justice. We, in a free society, must continue to discern the policy implications of this message because that is part of how we express his will.

This all comes home to me as Ken and I lead a group from Greater Atlanta Christian School in a trip to Brno, Czech Republic. Our students will be participating in a cultural exchange with 19 students from a local “gymnasium” --a college preparatory secondary school. The students have been emailing each other for weeks now, and will meet when we arrive in early April. This will be our fourth time to make the trip. Of course, a major part of our culture is our life in Christ. Please pray for our group. Pray for our spiritual formation as individuals. Pray for our group spirit. Pray that we will plant seeds of the kingdom of God.

As you do, consider today's New York Times review of a Jan Hrebejk's "Up and Down," an academy award nominated film emerging this spring from the Czech Republic. The headline of the review, "Czechs So Divided That Bad News Is Rarely All Bad" speaks of disillusionment and fragmentation.

Of course, I cautioned my students that films from Prague have their limitations in expressing the nature of life in the Czech Republic as do Hollywood's films in picturing our collective life.

Are we all "Dazed and Confused," "Rambo,"Rocky," or "American Beauty"? No, but are we all a little of these? Maybe.

May it be that we are united in the essence of Christ Himself. May we, participating in the simplicity of His love and in the purity of The Story be bearers of good, good news.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for writing "Czeching on Unity." You are right in that there is a bigger story we are to be telling the world. There is a short read ironically called "Epic (tagline in my words: And Our Role In The Story)" by John Eldridge that speaks to this issue.

I hope your trip to the Czech Republic goes well. Having grown up as an MK in Brasil I am always excited when someone goes to the mission field, even on a short mission.

I don't think I have ever blogged, and if I have it was an accident. I think I am going to be hooked on this new way of getting (& giving) the news.

God's blessings,
Denise H. McEwen
The Woodlands, TX

Kester Smith... said...

Appreciate your thoughts and your directing me to Colson and Wallis. Have to say that Wallis makes a much stronger point than Colson. Colson seems to be looking to divide along party lines, while Wallis seems to want to overcome them in the name of doing what is Christian before what is Republican or Democrat. One seems to call for us to put abortion as the issue while the other seems to call for us to consider different issues at once as they relate to the same greater issue.