Monday, November 27, 2006


As Baghdad braces for more violence, pockets of Sunnis and Shiites plan the slaughter of each other while others risk death to protect their neighbors and friends.

Almighty God
Hear the cries of Rachel weeping for her children because they are no more.

O LORD as blood runs the rivers of Baghdad; violence shakes Gaza; murderous rape dominates Sudan; and civil unrest threatens around the globe; bring to the table of nations leaders committed to and capable of peacemaking.

As the father through whom all families and generations find their origin--bring peacemakers to the dinner tables of the world, inoculating those who imbibe from hate filled hearts, vitriolic tongues, and violent hands.

Quench the passion for the revenge by the exercise of justice.

Make us into a people in whom love overpowers hatred and hope overwhelms despair.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Dowdy, we don't need to "stay the course" in Iraq like Bush says. Bush has goofed up Iraq greatly, and I don't know how we can fix the Iraqi War. Maybe we ought to tell them if they want a safe country, the Iraqis need to stand up and defend themselves and spend that money here in America to defend ourselves here!! You can respond to me if you like either in class or by e-mail if you wish or in another form if you wish.
D. Walker, from 3rd Period government class

Anonymous said...

well spoken