Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dad in Dakar-Mom at Meadowcreek

In case there might be a single soul lurking about this blog, here's an update on the Dowdys. Ken will land in Dakar, Senegal about the time I get up to head for Meadowcreek High School in Norcross, Georgia.

By the time I am in second period he will be in Johannesburg, South Africa. As a Church Advisor for World Vision, he accompanies church leaders on this Pastor's Vision Trip. In the next next few days they will visit villages in Swaziland where World Vision's website reports WV "currently has more than 12 projects in the country including ones that focus on child development, agricultural improvement, clean water, food aid, microenterprise development, and HIV/AIDS prevention and care."

He took the photo above on his trip in August to Malawi. The girl in the purple skirt carries her sister on her back. Their mother had died from AIDS weeks earlier.

Someone asked how I felt about Ken being gone for so long on these trips.

I wish I was with him, but I am so happy for him to able to participate in a work so close to the heart of God.

His travels are exotic, but then, so are mine. When I wind my way into halls of Meadowcreek, I meet students from Mexico, Honduras, Ghana, Egypt, Ghana, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Bosnia, Eritrea, Ethiopia and middle Georgia. He sometimes wishes he was with me.


Carisse said...

I'm here! I put your blog on my RSS feed reader, so if you say something, I notice!

SteveA said...

Glad I thought to check your blog this morning. I hope you return to posting more often. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again Mrs. Dowdy.

David Walker

Keith Brenton said...

I miss your words.

A friend of mine was headed for Honduras this week and ran afoul of bad weather. Bouncing back and forth between Houston and Austin, he was eventually stymied because his passport will expire in less than 90 days. It's not expired, mind you - it just expires in less than 90 days. In the meantime, his two fellow builders (and hopefully their tools) have gone on to Honduras to build two houses for a church there.

So I doubly respect the will your fellow has to go and do, as well as your willingness to stay and do - and write!

Unknown said...

Hi, Beverly. We have thought of you guys so often and wondered how you were both doing in your new jobs. Glad to hear you're still alive. I miss you!


Mal said...
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