Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Historic, Heroic, Healing

He did it.
Barack Obama today gave one of the greatest speeches of our time.
He did what leaders need to do.

Speak truth about race without rancor.

He drew a big picture and put us all in it. He told a big story and made us part of the plot.

He transcended the black rhetoric that has emerged in the last couple of election cycles that makes it sound as if NO real progress has been in race relations.

He gave legitimacy to white frustrations with some affirmative action programs and entitlements.

Yet he stood by the reality that problems in the black community remain as a legacy of slavery and segregation.

He exposed societal ills but balanced them with his oft repeated theme for embracing personal responsibility.

He acknowledged publically what happens privately. People speak differently about race when with folks of their own race.

He asked us to relate to the reality that there are people in our lives whom we love deeply, but whose beliefs and expressions of beliefs we must reject.

He stated clearly that we have a choice about how we deal with race in the presidential race--and as the human race.


Keith Brenton said...

So glad to read your words again!

I wish they came more often.

Like Senator Obama, you have a lot to say and a gift for saying it well in a memorable, brief, pithy way.

Beverly Choate Dowdy said...

Thanks Keith.

It's been a long year of transition for my family. Moving from Memphis back to Atlanta has been overall postive, but still draining. We are thrilled about Ken's work with World Vision, but I am starting my career over in a new school. I miss my friends and 10 years of associations at GACS. Furthermore, we have not settled into a church home yet. I miss the closeness of my church family.

I don't want to make my blog a personal whine zone, so I've been working on adjusting to the new climes before getting going verbal.

Like Senator Obama, I wanted to be President of the United States when I was in kindergarten. I think he's made a bit more progress in that way!