Friday, July 03, 2009

No one's laughing at God

Mike Cope and subsequently Josh Thames brought this video featuring Regina Spektor and her video "Laughing With" to my attention. Lately when I think of my own weaknesses woven with the outrageous public displays of Mark Sanford and others so quick to identify themselves with Christ, I can understand why some find ways to mock God and his followers.

All the while, the God of grace, mercy, and faithfulness speaks to us with such love and conveys his fierce desire for justice, mercy, and humility from us. Reading around the web shows that our follies put a stumbling block before those he so earnestly wants to bless.

May we confess our sins wisely to those who share our confession of Christ--and to whom we are willing to be held in account.

May we walk humbly with God, so others can see his steadfast kindness towards us in Christ Jesus. May we be known for doing justice and loving mercy.

Thank God for his faithfulness--even when we are unfaithful and for his presence in those most challenging moments of life.


dwalker said...

I think that people in high office claim to be Christian just to soften the political backlash is horrible. I sincerely hope that the governor is Christian and that he is sincere in repentence of his sin. I just hope that Sanford is repenting for the right reasons. I know that God is a gracious and merciful God, for which I am very thankful. He can forgive anyone.
Have a blessed fourth of July, Mrs. Dowdy.

Beverly Choate Dowdy said...

I don't question Mark Sanford's faith or his repentance. What troubles me is his history of judgmental statements of others--i.e., Bill Clinton, coupled with his sanctimonious use of his Christianity and honesty as part of his political profile. The common approach by many southern Republican evangelicals is to label the Democrats as "godless" because of way Democrats view issues that affect families. For example, views about gay rights and abortion among Democrats are often characterized as "unchristian" and this becomes a way of scoring political points for the Republicans among many with tender consciences.

Mark Sanford and many of his fellow Republicans say that those who do not want to criminalize abortion (I don't know anyone who is FOR abortion) and those who say gay people should have full civil rights are hurting marriage and family. They condemn Democrats and claim a moral superiority for their political party based on these two issues.

It is this use of family values as a sledge hammer to one's opposition that creates such scorn when folks fall as Mark Sanford has fallen.

When Bill Clinton asked for forgiveness, I can't tell you how many people I was around who mocked his repentance and refused to show him forgiveness. I am not taking that position of with Mark Sanford.

I am taking the position that the practice of using positions on abortion and gay rights as a strategy in elevating one's self and one's party in politics puts one in a particular place of derision in the public square when there is moral failing.

Truthfully David, I have been around so many precious Christians who ruthlessly condemn Democrats as destroyers of family values and have seen public figures like Newt Gingrich, Mark Sanford, and others condemn him and others and then cheat on their wives.

A sense of justice, mercy, and humility serves us all better.

dwalker said...

A sense of justice, mercy, and humility serves us all better.

I agree completely.

As a Christian, I pray that I can be more just, merciful and humble in dealing with others. If all people did these things, the world would definitely be a different place.

Josh said...

Thanks for the shout out, Aunt Bev. You should write these more.... you (and maybe I) would be famous!

Becky Roe said...

Wow, interesting. Democrats, Republican, all are sinners. All are hypocritical because the desire for power and control is what drives most that get into public office. Most start out great with ideals then get tainted by power and the package that goes along with it. It's not difficult to understand. What's mindboggling is that no one seems to pay attention to history, it happens over and over repeated power and corrruption. And it seems that the politicians that state that morality and strong anticorruption stances are their big positivesm, seem to fall the hardest. Take the leader of S. Korea jumping off the mountain behind his home, Governor of NY, etc. etc. If I had one word of advice for them. Don't brag on yourself, don't say you are so above corruption, and confess everything that you did wrong and that you probably will do wrong, but will attempt to live in public in the best way you can and live your life. HUBRIS gets us everytime. Amazing.