Monday, August 30, 2004

"God is not a Republican or a Democrat'"

"It is the responsibility of every political conservative, every evangelical Christian, every pro-life Catholic, every traditional get serious about re-electing President Bush." - Jerry Falwell, The New York Times, July 16, 2004

"I think George Bush is going to win in a walk. I really believe I'm hearing from the Lord it's going to be like a blowout election in 2004. The Lord has just blessed him.... It doesn't make any difference what he does, good or bad." - Pat Robertson, AP/Fox News, January 2, 2004

These statements activated Sojourners to put a full-page in today's New York Times. Check out the ad.

Growing up in a home with a Republican dad and a Democrat mom convinced me that there is not just one way to view politics. Folks of good heart and mind can disagree on partisan politics. I am a healthy happy independent who has lived, worked, and worshipped among conservative Republicans for the last 30 years. Sojourners gives voice to many of my concerns.


kim said...

Hey, beverly.
I have read all of your blogs. I am now completely blogged. You should be a professional blogger. I have read other blogs, and you, my sister, are the best blogger about. I have started my own blog called Bev's sister's blog. I have not posted anything. I just did it so I could respond to yours!
I signed the petition. I just read some articles discussing whether or not our nation was becoming more Christian or pagan. I think perhaps only a person can be a Christian.

Beverly Choate Dowdy said...

I am humbled by your very kind comment.

Anne-Geri' said...


I don't care what people "feel" about God's personal political opinions. Why do people "feel" like they have to speak for him?

JAW said...

Bev - again, great post. I agree with the first comment made here. :)

Thought I'd pass along this tidbit of info - the Sojourners ad has struck a resonant chord at Pepperdine, and legions of faculty members are signing up and contributing to their cause...and this ad will soon appear in the "Graphic," Pepperdine's student newspaper. Richard Hughes, director of Pepperdine's Center for Faith & Learning, is spearheading this initiative here in Malibu.

john alan turner said...

Strange. I remember being a freshman at Pepperdine looking around for a Young Democrats club. People laughed at me as if I had asked, "Where are all the women preachers?"