Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Dynamite or Spitballs?

Even if I were a communist, which I AM NOT, I would have to say Arnold’s speech inspired me. I showed it to my high school government students.

Even if were a Republican, which I AM NOT, watching the senator from Georgia speak metaphorically, bombastically, but not Prozacly accurately, I would have to say, the experience repulsed me. Any wonder he did not get a ringside seat on Thursday night? Maybe the strategists of the RNC feared a similar response from other independents in places like Ohio. Reports have it that Miller spent Thursday night at home attending to personal business. Maybe he was out somewhere in New Jersey getting ready for a duel with Chris Matthews.

Even if were a Democrat, which I AM NOT, I would have to say that last week left me tense, a bit deflated, and tired of partisan politics. Although I teach government and politics, I feel a need for relief.

If I were a card carrying member of the Napoleon Dynamite Fan Club, and I AM, I would prescribe for all those already tired of the race between W and JFKerry a refreshing alternative:
He will make your wildest dreams come true.

If you have not seen Napoleon Dynamite, let me give you a frame of reference. For any Greater Atlanta Christian School friends, Napoleon Dynamite is a Brigham Young University student answer to a Matt Elliott GACS Christmas video. A bunch of smart funny Mormon kids put together a geek makes good story and entered it in the Sundance Film Festival. The rest of the story will be a piece of cinematic history. MTV picked up some of the promotion and these kids have run a grass roots promotion of the cleanest, cutest, and funniest bit of celluloid I have seen for years--and just in time to relieve my experience of Zell Miller's diatribe, Swift-boat Veterans for Truth and Fahrenheit 9-11.

So if you are feeling uninspired repulsed, tired, deflated, or tense, sell your llama and buy a ticket to see Napoleon Dynamite.

Special thanks to my son, Trevor, and his friend, Anna Burns, for introducing me to this film. They have seen at least four times, as have 10,000+ other kids.

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