Thursday, August 28, 2008

An American for Barney Smith not Smith Barney

Did you hear Barney Smith?

This is what is all about. We need a government that thinks of working people.
We need an America that is for Barney Smith not just Smith Barney.

I went to Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln Junior High, and for one semester to Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan. Our mascot? The "Abes." From the time I was in kindergarten, I loved what Abraham Lincoln stood for-freeing the slaves and saving the union. I loved the Gettysburg address. By third grade, I was ready to ask what I could do my for my country--thrilling at the speeches of President Kennedy.

It wasn't until I heard Barack Obama's 2004 at the Democratic Convention that I was that inspired again.

Tonight, is a big night for America.

Tonight is a big night for the Barney Smiths of America.


Anonymous said...

It was forty-five years ago that Martin Luther King said he had a dream. After hearing Barack Obama tonight, this old white man thinks maybe it can happen in his lifetime.

“Yes, We Can! “

Anonymous said...

Hey Aunt Bev... I think your next post should be titled "You, Mrs. Palin, are no Hillary Clinton." Thoughts?