Friday, August 01, 2008

Heaven forbid labor gets a new foothold

WalMart warns employees that if the Democrats win it may be easier for unions to organize and we all know how bad a union would for the largest group of employees in America.

Of all the things that has bothered me most over the past many years of Republican dominated government is the climate in which labor is treated as a liability. Employees of WalMart and other workers need to realize that the leadership of this country has created a tax climate in which the industrialization of America has gone to China, India, Mexico and other places. There is no commitment on the part of this genre of leadership that truly is concerned about the American worker. Contempt for unions and for working people is standard.

Not long ago I was in the home of a political conservative. At the dinner table he said it's too bad that the unions drove all of the good jobs overseas. Is it really the unions?

He said it's too bad the unions in America have ruined the US auto industry. Really? The unions?


Unknown said...

Your hubby Ken here. I just have to add a quick observation. Even this slow boy from Alabama knows to ask, "Who designed the cars that failed to compete in the American market? Or, for that matter, the world market?" I’ve been driving a 2000 Taurus for almost 10 years. I’m at 239,000+ miles. I love the Ford Taurus. It fits me. I baby it but it runs well. When I (we) made the purchase it was America’s best selling car. The executives, not the workers or unions, made one of their most celebrated decisions – to quit making the Ford Taurus. Brilliant! Worse yet, they now blame the workers who made my Taurus for this and other flawed executive decisions.  Decisions like continuing to design cars that are both inefficient and not competitive. How dare they blame our friends, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers? How un-American can you get?Blog-on baby.

Ann said...

Great point Bev.

Here's my problem - feel free to laugh if you want:
I just don't love either candidate and see faults and problems with both sides. I suppose you could say I'm a concerned apathetic voter. Tell me in simplistic terms why Obama is the best choice...I want to believe! ;-)

If McCain uses the internet "once a week," I'm concerned. If Obama naively steps into Middle East issues, I'm concerned. If we keep going like we are now in America, I'm concerned.