Friday, September 19, 2008

A Conservative for Obama

“It gives me comfort just to think that after eight years of George W. Bush we will have a president who has actually read the Federalist Papers.” from "A Conservative for Obama," by Will Allison , Editor of D, and a former publisher of the National Review.

To my bright thoughtful and truly concerned conservative friends, I say give a look to this essay

Barack Obama is not my ideal candidate for president. (In fact, I made the maximum donation to John McCain during the primaries, when there was still hope he might come to his senses.) But I now see that Obama is almost the ideal candidate for this moment in American history. I disagree with him on many issues. But those don’t matter as much as what Obama offers, which is a deeply conservative view of the world. Nobody can read Obama’s books (which, it is worth noting, he wrote himself) or listen to him speak without realizing that this is a thoughtful, pragmatic, and prudent man. It gives me comfort just to think that after eight years of George W. Bush we will have a president who has actually read the Federalist Papers.

Most important, Obama will be a realist. I doubt he will taunt Russia, as McCain has, at the very moment when our national interest requires it as an ally. The crucial distinction in my mind is that, unlike John McCain, I am convinced he will not impulsively take us into another war unless American national interests are directly threatened.
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Hatred sickens NRO commentator

I find it ironic.
As a liberal among conservatives, I have found hatred of Hillary Clinton irrational. As a liberal Christian among conservative Christians, I have found Hillary Clinton hatred disturbing.

In Jay Nordlinger’s blog “Something about Sarah,” he recounts a sick feeling over the hatefulness of a friend towards Sarah Palin.

Nordlinger, a conservative in New York, says, “And I never, ever bring up politics (with pretty much anyone — not worth the trouble) (and, of course, I do it professionally).”

Over the years I have considered it prudent to avoid political conversations with most people in my day to day activities-work and church-because of the hateful tone that some take.

He considers Sarah Palin hatred sick. I consider Hillary hating* sick.

Strangely, some people think it's rational to hate the person they hate and sick for others to hate those whom they support.

Maybe hatred sickens because it’s sin.

*An example of Hillary hating.
In 1998, a dear friend of mine was awaiting test results for a form of cancer. I sat in the waiting room with her preacher. It seemed the wait for results was taking too many days. It was a holiday weekend. I remarked, "I'll bet if this was Hillary Clinton, they would get the results right away."
"If it was Hillary Clinton," the preacher said, "I wouldn't care."

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Anonymous said...

Bev ... I’m just starting to get my mind around your last blog and here you go again. If a person spends much time thinking, the sea of bigotry and intolerance that we live in can be a real downer. Someone like me, who is a social liberal and fiscal conservative can find something to not like in almost everything that happens. Thanks for bringing us Will Allison’s essay. It is indeed a breath of reason in a sometime irrational world.