Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Fear Factor

One of my former students commented:

I think that McCain and Obama are both scary candidates for different reasons, McCain is less scary to me;therefore I have to vote for John McCain.

Gentle student, what do you fear?

An economic meltdown?
An attack on our country?
A wreckless move into an unnecessary war?
An administration that would ignore habeas corpus?




Anonymous said...

I am not saying that John McCain is the best possible person to run the country by anyone's standards. However, what I mean is that between Obama and McCain is less scary to me than Mr. Obama. I think that McCain has a lot of bad things about his polices; however, I think that on the whole that McCain will do less harm to our economy than what Mr. Obama will. I think that McCain will harm our economy to a very large extent, but less than what Obama would. Also, Obama has said in public that he did not know what Rev. Wright said in church. If Obama didn't know Wright said what he said, then Obama either agrees with what Wright said or is not smart enough to be president of the United States. If my minister were to say something like Wright did, I would leave that church.
David Walker

Anonymous said...

I apologize for not putting this with my first post. With the economic meltdown, I think one of the last things that we need to do is just to throw money at the problem-but rather actually take a long look at the problem and fix it with common sense approaches. Yes McCain and Obama will throw money at the problem-but Obama will most likely try to tax and spend even more than McCain. I think Obama is mainly right about Iraq but to I respect McCain's service to his country-regardless of what we think about Vietnam.
David Walker

Anonymous said...

David is correct in saying John MaCain is not the best person to be president. At one time he was a very good man, but when he selected the Rove style of campaign he lost all credibility. We should remember he is quite old with a questionable health history and has selected a running mate who it begins to look like is not even qualified for her present job. I think this is not the same old politics, but something even worse. MaCain should fire his campaign staff throw his running mate overboard and start over, it’s not to late.