Sunday, October 05, 2008

Who do you want whispering in the President's ear?

Documentarian, Ken Burns, expresses his views of the McCain campaign:

"Even the most ardent true-believers among us must be privately shaking in their boots contemplating a heart-beat-away Palin presidency during these difficult times. When Putin acts up, who do you want whispering in your President's ear: Joe Biden or Sarah Palin?

McCain is a man who once championed openness and fairness in government, who now wants to continue the failed policies of the current administration and who increasingly wants to make the crucial decisions of our democracy behind closed doors with the same cronies who got us into this mess in the first place. And he has shown a profound indifference to and often startling ignorance of economic affairs just as our country inches toward depression.
That threatens to make him the next Herbert Hoover if he should win."


Anonymous said...

Bev, you are hard to keep up with today. I don’t think John McCain ever recovered from being taken apart eight years ago by the Bush/Rove machine. He was my favorite Republican before that. Now he is just another win at any cost politician. As far as Palin is concerned, I don’t want to see her anywhere near the White House.

On your earlier blog, I highly recommend that any of your readers who didn’t catch Krista Tippet this morning should click on, "Faith: The life of the Party" link. This is a real eye opener.

Unknown said...

I am increasingly afraid that should McCain be elected president, it wouldn't be his ear someone would be whispering into.

MichaelPolutta said...

Please forgive my ignorance/denseness. What does "it wouldn't be his ear someone would be whispering into" mean?

GAC College Counseling said...
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GAC College Counseling said...

I think my friend Bev is suggesting that McCain may not be around for Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I think that McCain and Obama are both scary candidates for different reasons, McCain is less scary to me;therefore I have to vote for John McCain.
David Walker